Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Guard pulling for the streets

So many people ask me 'but Seabass, is it ok to pull guard in the street?' this I say 'duh'. Pulling guard is the most effective way to survive on the streets.

A lot of jiu jitsu players are really conservative in the things they pull guard on. This is nonsense. Me and Recife Rob advise you to pull guard often..and pull guard indiscriminately.

Meter maid writing you a ticket? Pull guard!
Drunkenly stumble into highway traffic? Pull guard!
Coke machine rips off your change? Pull guard!

Point being; when in doubt..pull guard!

Many people believe guard pulling is not for the streets....well..let's examine a real life street scenario:

See..this jiu jitsu player sees the imminent danger of the 452lbs bull storming at him. So what does he do? Right on..pull guard.

Jeff Monson does not weigh 452lbs people..and he does not have horns. Therefore..pulling guard for the win!

Thank you.

Stay tuned for our upcoming guide on the blubber guard. It will revolutionize(tm)(sp) the game by introducing lots of new names for old moves. Hooray!